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Sami Yusuf – Lovers (‘Asheqan) | Official Audio

05 Jul 2019

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Dastgāh: Shūr (Avaz-e Abū ‘Atā)
Commentary: This beautiful piece comes from the Khanqahs (Sufi centers) of the Qadiriya-Talebani Tariqah in Kirkuk, Iraq. The original poem (“Mosalmanan”) was written in Persian approximately 200 years ago by Shaykh Abdul Rahman Khales (Shaykh of the Qadiriya-Talebani Sufi order). However, the lyrics of this rendition come from Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Balkhi’s (“Rumi”) Divān-i Kabir (Ghazal 34). The daf “Ḥay Allah” maqām is used in the first half of this piece followed by Maqām Haddādī (both traditional khanghāh rhythms).
*God’s name, “al-Ḥayy” (“The Living”), is often chanted by Sufis in spiritual sessions because it permeates all life and attracts the blessings of God who is the source of all life. The name “Ḥayy” is also the beginning of each breath we take. Without “al-Ḥayy”, all would perish. The name Allāh is the all-comprehensive name of God that contains within it all the meanings and significance of all the other Divine Names. The “Hu” is derived from “Huwa” (He) and expresses the divine Essence (al-dhāt al-ilāhiyya) which can neither be grasped nor encompassed by anything other than Itself.

Words by Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Balkhi’s (“Rumi”) Divān-i Shams
Music: Traditional Islamic (from Kurdistan region)


Words by Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Balkhi’s (“Rumi”) Divān-i Shams
Music: Traditional Islamic (from Kurdistan region)
Performed and arranged by Sami Yusuf
Recorded at Andante Studios

Published by Andante Records Administered by Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd for the World


Ey ‘Āsheqān, Ey ‘Āsheqān
Amad gahe waṣlo leqa
Az āsemān āmad nedā
Key mahrūyān aṣ-ṣalā

O lovers, O lovers, the time of union and meeting has come
A calling from Heaven proclaimed, “Moon-faced ones, it is time to pray!”

Ḥay Allāh, Hu Allāh, Yā Allāh

Ey sarkhoshān, Ey sarkhoshān
Amad ṭarab dāman keshan
Begrefte ma zanjīre ū
Begrefte ū dāmāne mā

O divinely intoxicated ones, the joyously whirling One has arrived;
The chains of His curls have captured us and the yearning of our hearts have captured Him.

Amad sharābe ātashīn
Ey Dīve gham konjī neshīn
Ey jane marg-andīsh ro
Ey sāqīye bāqī darā

The fiery wine has come, demon of grief, off to a corner!
Leave O death-pondering soul, O immortal Saqi, come through!

Ey haft gardūn maste to
Mā mohreyi dar daste to
Ey haste mā az haste to
Dar ṣad hezārān marḥabā

O by whom the seven vaults are enraptured,
We are but a bead in your hands
Our being is by your being, a thousand hails!

Ey bānge naye khosh-samar
Dar bānge to ṭa’me shekar
Āyad marā sham-o sahar
Az bānge to būye vafā

O sound of the reed with sweet stories
In your sound is the taste of sugar
From your sound, comes the fragrance of fidelity day and night!

Bāre degar āghāz kon
Ān pardehā rā sāz kon
Bar jomle khūbān nāz kon
Ey Āftābe khosh leqā

Begin once more and tune those notes!
Display your charm to the good souls,
O fair-faced sun!

Copyright of Andante Records. All rights reserved.

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