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02 May 2021

Thank you for watching! Please note that I’m absolutely no tech YouTuber - this is just how I feel about the device now after having tried it out over 2 months, but I would highly recommend watching more in-depth reviews before you make a decision on what to buy :)

⏰Time Stamps for this Video
00:33 General Review
02:43 The Microsoft Surface Pen
05:28 Would I recommend the device to students?
06:43 Would I recommend the device to students who are also content creators?
08:37 Price comparison: Apple vs Microsoft Surface Products (please note that this is a very simplified comparison - many factors go into what’s the best device for you & so you might be looking at different configurations from the 2 brands)
11:27 Why I’m probably gonna stick with my Apple products nonetheless

🎤 Things Mentioned
Microsoft Surface Book 3: https://www.microsoft.com/en-u....s/p/surface-book-3/8
Microsoft Surface I’d recommend for students: https://www.microsoft.com/en-u....s/p/surface-pro-7/8n

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I hope you enjoyed this video!

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