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Ya Rabb Al’alameen official Video (Ramadan) - Mohamed Youssef | يا رب العالمين (رمضان) - محمد يوسف

22 May 2020

watch now Mohamed Youssef's official " Ya Rabb Al’alameen "
" شاهد الآن فيديو كليب محمد يوسف الجديد " يا رب العالمين
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Lyrics | كلمات :
ياربَ العالمين
Oh, lord of the world
وبحقِ المسلمين
And for the rights of Muslims
حامدينَ وشاكرينَ
We’re Grateful and thankful
الله الله الله الله
Allah Allah Allah Allah
آتيكَ انا برجاء
I come to you with hopefulness
وبرُوحي و قلبي فداء
And i sacrifice my soul and heart for you
تجعلْ قلبي كالماء
Make my heart like water
الله الله الله الله
Allah Allah Allah Allah
كالماءِ المستنير
Like enlightened water
واللؤلؤ المنير
And shining pearls
احسن فيا الضمير
Make for me a better conscience
و بيدِ رسولِ الله
And by the hand of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
اسقني شربةَ نجاه
give me a survival sip
يهدء قلبي برؤياه
My heart calms when I see him
الله الله الله
Allah Allah Allah
ومع المُبَشِرِين
And with the missionaries
ومن بابِ الصابرين
And from the gate of the patient people
ادخلني يارب امين
Make me enter, my lord, Amin
جناتِ العليين
The highest of heavens
الله الله الله
Allah Allah Allah
مع كل الصالحين
With all the good ones
وكتابي باليمين
And with my book In my right hand
الله الله الله
Allah Allah Allah

انتَ العالم بالحال
You are the one knowing the situation
وبسوءٍ في الاحوال
and with the conditions being worse
لو قلبي ياربي مال
Oh lord, If my heart ever goes astray
وجهني للحلال
Direct me to the correct path
ومن صحبةِ سيئين
And from bad company
نجني يارب امين
Save me, My lord, Amin
سلامُ علي المرسلين
Peace be upon the messengers
فلا يئسِ او محال
There’s no despair or impossibility

Produced by : Mohamed Youssef
Lyrics & Melody : Mostafa Shokry
Arrangement : Mahmoud Awad
Recorded by : Esma3na studio
Mix and Master : Mahmoud Awad
Bouzouki : Sinan
Filmmakers : Khaled Emad, Ahmed Atef, Ahmed Galal, Mahmoud Khairy
Editing & color grading : Khaled Emad
D.O.P : Ahmed Atef
special Thanks : Mohamed Tarek, Anas Dessoky, Ali Youssef
#MohamedYoussef #محمد_يوسف #ميدلي

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